4 Things You Should Know about 6-Month Smiles Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry has made unbelievable improvements in the present times. Treatments based on improved technologies deliver more expected results. Even in this supportive environment, you mention braces and people will just run away as fast as they can. It is okay for youngsters, who can really afford to slip on the braces for a couple of years to display a fantastic smile for the rest of their life. But, it is important for adults to wear braces to business meetings or social occassions. Moreover, conventional metal braces cause a lot of discomfort and make one feel awkward during eating and kissing.

  1. Modern therapy: The latest orthodontic treatment, in form of 6 Month Smiles, is the ideal solution to fix crooked teeth and facilitate smile improvement. In fact, it is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in London and caters to the unique requirements of patients. As the name suggests, the therapy offers speedy results in around six months. The treatment is focused only on the set of your front teeth to tackle any cosmetic problem as well as straightening them.
  2. Fast and discreet solution: This therapy is actually an American technology, which is imported to Britain to take care of your crooked smiles and gappy gums by using a set of hi-tech braces. The specially designed braces come in the colour of your teeth. Thus, it becomes almost impossible for others to detect them in your mouth and make out that you’re undergoing any cosmetic dentistry treatment. This is where the 6 Month Smile braces stand apart from their traditional counterparts. As already mentioned above, the therapy focuses only on the set of teeth that gets displayed whenever you smile. It does not try to fix your bite problem. Thus, the treatment proves helpful to make a significant cosmetic impression by making small adjustments to the teeth.
  3. A thorough checkup is the first step: As the first step to the treatment, you need to make an appointment with your oral health expert. The professional will check your teeth thoroughly and will do other necessary clinical assessments. Then, he or she will discuss with you in details about how much improvements can be done to your teeth and how will they appear, once the treatment gets over. Based on the outcome of this discussion, your 6 month smile clear braces will be customised for you. Finally, the braces are fitted by the professional.
  4. Does not suit all: It is important to remember, this modern dental cosmetic therapy is not suitable for everyone. This is because it makes only some minor adjustments to your front teeth. In case, you may require more comprehensive orthodontic treatment and then, your dentist may not recommend you this therapy.

Most patients unfailingly ask, how painful the treatment is. The modern treatment will hardly make you feel any pain, though there will be some feeling of discomfort initially. To discuss this aspect of the treatment, we invite you to join us at Dulwich Dental Office for a consultation. The discomfort will normally fade away after the first couple of weeks in the treatment.

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