5 Things to Know before Performing Tooth Implants

If you are having missing or broken teeth, dental implant is an effective way to solve your problems. It involves performing one or more surgical procedures without the fear of wearing dentures. Nowadays, tooth implants can be done at every clinic that allows you to find a dentist near your house. However, you need should go for thorough checkup of your mouth before getting implant done. It is also important that your jawbone is healthy that will secure good health and strong oral tissues. Check out a few things to know before undergoing tooth implant surgery under safe hands.

  1. Proper assessment of your mouth – Dental implants are not the same like tooth extraction. As such, it is important to prepare for thorough oral examinations like CT, mouth examinations and X-rays. These examinations will help you stay away from probable oral issues that may arise both during and after tooth implant procedure.
  2. Maintain good health condition – Like other forms of treatments, you need to ensure that you are physically fit and strong, prior to the surgery. It is advised that you try to prevent activities that may lead to cold, fever or flu. Doing proper exercise and taking a well-balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health condition. This is also a great opportunity of full mouth dental restoration.
  3. Do not eat and drink after the surgery – Individuals who do not use local anaesthesia during the surgery should not eat and drink for the next 8-12 hours. If you are under sedation, your dental surgeon will be instructing you about not eating or drinking in this time period. This will lessen the discomfort and uneasiness after the treatment.
  4. Take the medicine as prescribed by the dentist – Your dental practitioner will be prescribing you an antibiotic that need to be taken at least one hour before the surgery. Follow the instruction given by the dentist to avoid any kind of complications during the treatment. In case you are allergic to something, talk to your dental expert about it so that he can give proper medicine that will suit your overall health.
  5. Treat problems related to tooth decay and gum disease – Before you decide to prepare for dental implants, it is necessary to treat damaged or decayed teeth that might be reason for gum disease. An important question that arises in this regard is, “Why do you need to treat them before performing the surgery?”This is needed so that the bone surrounding tooth implant does not get infected in anyway. You might lose tooth implant with natural tooth if the infection reaches your jawbone where the implant had been placed.

You may talk to the dentist to know if you are the right candidate for tooth implant after extraction has been done. Also enquire if you can go for the evaluation procedure to know if you can perform the surgery. Some patients may not be willing to wear dentures and if you too are one amongst them, then get ready for tooth implants which is actually a long procedure starting from through dental examination to surgery and post surgery after the treatment has been done. Thus, you may contact immediately at Dulwich Dental Office for a dental implant to be done by the experts.

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