6 Symptoms Your Teen Needs Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth is a massive hurdle to overcome for almost every teenager. These third molars usually cause a lot of pain and complication while erupting. Although for a very handful number of people, this tooth erupts smooth and painless. But, as a oral healthcare expert in London points out, their number is almost negligible by every standard. The average teen has to undergo wisdom teeth extraction to avoid the pain and the suffering involved in the problem.

As a responsible parent, dental surgeons suggest you to stay alert to detect the telltale sign. If your teen goes through any of the symptoms discussed in the following paragraphs, don’t delay to schedule an appointment with your family dentist.

  • Pain resulting from an erupting wisdom tooth: This tooth is stuck below or within the gums and thus, finds difficulty to come out naturally. It causes severe pressure on the jawbone and acute pain is very common in such cases. In dentistry terms, the condition is called impacted wisdom tooth. In a significant number of cases, the pain caused due to this problem results in headaches. If your child complains of frequent headaches, take him or her to a dentist.
  • Chronic bad breath: Some teens suffer from chronic halitosis or bad breath problem. This happens due to poor oral hygiene, inflammation in the gums and even for certain medications. However, in some cases it is found, the problem arises from infection in the wisdom tooth.
  • Sudden swelling of the gums: The wisdom teeth problem may result in sudden swelling or inflammation in the gums and the nearby tissues. The gums are also known to turn reddish and even bleed in certain cases. These factors indicate the wisdom tooth problem is compounded by gum disease or gum infection. In most cases, patients have to undergo extraction of the wisdom tooth. Incidentally, Dulwich  Dental Office, located at North Cross Road in East Dulwich, is a reliable destination for wisdom teeth removal surgery at affordable cost.
  • Tooth sensitivity: When cavities are just forming in the teeth, the development is not always accompanied by any symptom. However, as the condition turns from bad to worse, the affected tooth turns sensitive. Thus, eating or drinking anything cold, hot, sweet or sour causes an unpleasant sensation in the mouth. Dental surgeons say, third molar cavity can also lead to the development of such problem.
  • Chronic sinus problem: Chronic sinus problem among teens also point to the wisdom tooth eruption. The erupting third molar exerts pressure on the sinuses, which leads to severe pain and discomfort.

However, even if your teenage child doesn’t suffer from any of the symptoms discussed above, it is better not to wait for the problems to surface. Contact Dulwich Dental Office to discuss your teen’s wisdom tooth removal today. Timely extraction of this tooth helps your child avoid a lot of complications and troubles related to the oral health.

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