Dental Implants: The Permanent Solution to Teeth Loss

It is cliche indeed to say your smile’s worth a thousand words. Yet, the expression that the face gives and the condition of the teeth that reveals itself while you smile say a lot about your personality. If you have a tooth or two missing from the front, your smile will lose that magnetic effect. You’ll shy away from the camera and avoid public speaking.

However, a renowned oral healthcare expert in London assures, dental implants are the best solution in such cases.

Implant treatment procedure

  • The clinical procedure involves surgically fixing a metal post in the jaws right at the socket of the missing tooth. It is an invasive treatment method and uses the biocompatible metal of titanium for the post. Gradually, the head of thepost is topped with an artificial crown to make it look just like your missing natural molar.
  • However, before starting the dental implants treatment procedure your gum condition will be carefully assessed. You’ll be eligible for the treatment only if you have sufficient mass in your gums. In cases where sufficient gum mass is missing,  oral healthcare experts perform additional treatment on patients to develop the jawbone. Then, the surgical procedure is carried out.
  • Patients are administered with local anesthesia during the clinical procedure to minimise the discomfort. The overall procedure ranging from surgically insertion of the metallic post to placement of the crown is a time-consuming process and lasts over months. The crown cannot be put in place until the wound in the jaws resulting from the surgery has healed completely.

Considering the high level of expertise required in this treatment, an increasing number of patients are queuing up at the door of a highly qualified dentist in East Dulwich. The expert is associated with Dulwich Dental Office at North Cross Road in East Dulwich.

Who are ideal candidates?

As already mentioned above, this cutting-edge treatment is not for everyone. If you have a history of advanced periodontal diseases, diabetis, heavy smoker or habitual drinker, this treatment is just not suitable for you. Lost tooth or teeth causes shrinking of your bone mass. Thus, you should consult your dentist and start the implant treatment procedure as soon as you can without making any delay.

Please feel free to visit our site to request an online appointment to facilitate the clinical procedure. This is the most reliable and permanent solution to the problem of tooth loss.

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