How Dental Implants can Improve your Appearance and Confidence

Are you having missing or lost teeth? If yes, then dental implants surgery is said to be an effective solution that can help you restore your lost smile and improve the confidence level. Though it might sound quite dramatic, implant can actually change your life.

Obviously, there is the option of getting bridges or removable partial dentures. Doing so, you might be able to save some money on the treatment. As those tooth replacement options do not provide the same benefits as implants, this kind of surgery is meant to last for a lifetime, if taken proper care.

Regain your attractive smile with dental implant surgery

Do you miss your beautiful smile that you had with a complete set of teeth? Well, you may have had a wide toothy grin that you were not scared to show off. But, you are now missing some teeth and this makes you feel embarrassed to smile in public. Due to this reason, you either smile by keeping your mouth closed or use hands to hide the gaps in between the teeth.

Dental implants are a suitable solution to bring back the lost smile on your face as they are considered to be the perfect match for your natural teeth. You will not only improve your confidence but also smile like you used to earlier.

Regain the full functionality of your mouth with tooth implants

Your attractive and beautiful smile is not the only thing you will restore with the help of full mouth dental implant for tooth replacement, rather you can enjoy eating all your favorite foods with this artificial teeth.

Earlier, you might have found it difficult to eat or chew food with damaged or missing teeth problem. This is why you might even have to skip some of your favorite food items just because you cannot bite and chew them properly.

Tooth implants fit exactly with your natural teeth and they look, feel as well as function in the same way. The replacement teeth are then attached firmly into the jawbone by using a titanium screw. Once the implant surgery procedure is done, you can enjoy all the foods again.

If there is gap in between the teeth, chances are you find it difficult to chew and speak properly. This is also the reason why you seem to hide your gorgeous smile and fail to pronounce many sounds clearly. Dental implant is a great way to restore your speech and make you feel confident when you talk.

Restore your overall facial appearance with the help of implants

The roots of your teeth will stimulate the jawbone in order to keep them strong and healthy. If you are suffering from missing teeth, the bone will not have this stimulation anymore and thus, it stops from further growth. This might be the reason for changing the shape of your face thus, making it appear hollow and sunken overtime.

Dental implants act as a replacement tooth root that gives you the look and feel of natural teeth. As a result, tooth implants stimulate the bone growth into the jawbone to retain the actual shape of your face.

Do you want to solve the problem of missing or damaged teeth? You may contact Dulwich Dental Office to schedule a dental implant surgery consultation with our experts. This way, you will be able to replace your teeth with artificial ones, have a better appearance and boost your overall confidence.

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