How Do Braces Move Teeth in The Right Position

Do you have crooked or uneven teeth? If yes, then your orthodontist will suggest wearing braces to straighten your teeth to improve your dental health. The fact is that the orthodontist will have to invest time in planning how to shift teeth in the right position and devise the right treatment for your case. There arises an important question, “How can braces move your teeth?” Go through this blog to get the answer for this question.

How your teeth move?

If you want to know how orthodontic braces work, the first thing to know is how your teeth will move. Teeth are always connected to the bone with small ligaments that enable slight movement. As they act like small shock absorbers, such ligaments enable if you bite down hard accidentally by sending a signal to the brain. When pressure is applied by the braces to your tooth, the body helps tooth in repositioning. This process will let your teeth to relocate at the right position.

How do braces work?

If you want to apply pressure on the teeth to shift them, brackets are placed on the teeth and attached by wires. Initially, the wires are very light that becomes heavy with time, coaxing teeth to shift due to pressure into their desired position. The key for moving teeth involves continuous pressure so that they move to their proper place in the mouth quickly. Make sure you listen to the instructions of your orthodontist failing which can delay the treatment progress.

What you can expect by wearing braces:

Once you get accustomed with braces, you will get to know about your new responsibilities. Although you might experience some discomfort at the time of wearing braces, you will adjust with time. This is because the pressure these braces put to your teeth will help them to shift to newer positions inside your mouth. Thus, the discomfort can be lessened by taking over-the-counter pain relievers and soft foods. Follow certain rules to ensure that you can get the most from your treatment. Foods you should not eat at the time of wearing braces include:

  • Chewy foods
  • Hard candy
  • Popcorn and nuts
  • Ice
  • Tough meats

Apart from paying attention to your eating habits, don’t forget to check your oral hygiene habits. This will include brushing twice in a day and flossing daily so that bacteria and plaque may not build up on your teeth.

Braces are a great way to restore your gorgeous smile with very little effort. Knowing about how orthodontic braces help in shifting your teeth will give you the confident look you always wanted with the perfect set of teeth. Don’t skip your appointments with the friendly experts at Dulwich Dental Office and your hard work will pay you off with an attractive smile.

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