How to Make the Best Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth arrive generally when we are between the ages of 17 and 24.  However sometimes the teeth fail to push through the gums fully and have to be removed.  Impacted wisdom teeth can be a problem as the tooth can push on other teeth and cause pain.  At this point your dentist might recommend that you have your wisdom tooth or teeth removed.

Here are our 12 top tips on how to recover from wisdom teeth removal fast:

You can recover from wisdom teeth removal fast by following some useful tips. Take some rest after surgery, Avoid taking anything too hot or cold, Try biting down on a moist tea bag while bleeding, Rinse your mouth with salt-water, Avoid smoking, Get in touch with your dentist.

See the details bellow:

  1. Make your appointment on a day that allows you time that day and the day after to take some rest and recover from the procedure.  Scheduling the surgery for a Friday is a good idea as you will then be able to rest over the weekend.
  2. Do some shopping the day before surgery, so that you have some soft food to eat like soup, yoghurt and jelly or cottage cheese for the time when you will not be able to eat harder food. Avoid having anything too hot or cold.
  3. Prepare and get some of your favourite movies in because you wont be going far!
  4. Ask someone to come with you to the surgery so that they can drive you home afterwards.
  5.  One you are back home follow the post-surgical instructions you have been given, carefully.  Leave the gauze in place for at least half an hour.  The gauze will aid the clotting process – so don’t fiddle with it or change it. Don’t rinse or spit out blood if you can help it, as the change of pressure in the mouth is another factor that will affect clotting.
  6. If your cavity is still bleeding after 12 hours or so then take out the gauze and try biting down on a moist tea bag.  The tannin in the tea will promote clotting.
  7. Rinse your mouth out with salt disolved in 8oz of water.  This will promote healing and reduce any irritation.   Rinse your mouth out gently with the solution and let it drizzle out of your mouth slowly.  Spitting might compromise clotting.
  8. Keep your head elevated.  Have two or more pillows under your head to help the swelling decrease.
  9. Don’t use straws to drink with as the suction might interfere with the clotting process and DON’T SMOKE.
  10. Take pain medication as prescribed and don’t operate any heavy machinery or drive for at least 24 hours after surgery.
  11. Be ready to ask for help from your friends or family while you are recovering. They can help you by answering the phone and keeping you comfortable.
  12. If you experience extreme pain or nausea or if the bleeding persists after the first day, get in touch with a Dulwich dental clinic for advise.

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