Myths and Facts about Wisdom Teeth

It is a strange thing that the teeth we call our “wisdom teeth“seem to cause us an awful lot of trouble. Let’s have a look at some of the myths we here at Dulwich Dental Office hear – common perceived ‘wisdom’ about these teeth!

Myth: Wisdom teeth always need to be removed

In fact wisdom teeth do not always spell trouble. There will be no need for them to be removed if they are healthy and in proper alignment. Wisdom tooth complications tend to come as partial eruption when the teeth only partially break through the gums.This allows bacteria to form around the tooth, leading to pain, stiffness in the jaw and swelling, and sometimes more dangerous complications.

Myth: Our wisdom teeth arrive with our other adult teeth

In fact, wisdom teeth don’t usually come in until we are about 17-25, (commonly labelled the “age of wisdom“). But they might not come out at all. About 35% of people never actually get wisdom teeth.

Myth: At Dulwich Dental Office we carry out a lot of extractions, of wisdom and other teeth. One thing we often hear is that Ice cream and milkshakes are a good idea after an extraction.

Good news – this one is true! They are soft and easy to ingest and the cold will help soothe pain and swelling. One thing we would say though is, do not use a straw because the suction might dislodge clots that are a natural part of the healing process after surgery.

Myth: It is best to have wisdom teeth removed before the start of orthodontic treatment.

In fact, this will vary from case to case. While it has been thought that wisdom teeth might cause movement in other teeth, impacting on the effect of treatment, recent studies demonstrate that this happens only rarely. At Dulwich Dental Office we will always discuss the options with you before any treatment.

Myth: You will always know if you have your wisdom teeth

In fact, not being able to actually see your wisdom teeth doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Wisdom teeth can be enclosed in the soft tissue or even buried deep in the jawbone. An x-ray will be necessary to identify any hidden teeth, and this will also show up any potential problems with their growth.

So next time you visit your dentist at Dulwich Dental Office, remember to ask about your wisdom teeth!

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