Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Smile This Valentine’s Day

You are probably looking forward to spending this Valentine’s Day with someone special. Making plans, buying gifts, giving chocolates and flowers are definitely on the cards. However, one important thing that we keep missing is to take care of our teeth. Your mouth is a vital part of our body that helps us enjoy our food, speak, smile and various other things. This Valentine’s Day make sure to make it memorable by showing off your bright smile instead of those awkward smiles.
Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain a healthy smile.

  1. Oral hygiene: Brushing twice and flossing regularly is an age old act that has stood the test of time. Not following it daily might result into bits and pieces of food being stuck in between your teeth. This condition will result into formation of germs and finally decay or cavity development in your teeth. There is nothing worse than smelly, dirty and discoloured teeth to kill the mood.
  2. Get rid of bad breath: Even if you are taking proper care of your teeth, bad breath can still accompany you. Following the age-old tradition of brushing and flossing will not safeguard against garlic bread and coffee. Therefore, it is better to be prepared with few quick fixes like some floss in case you need to get rid food particles and bacteria, mouthwash and breath mints. Xylitol is a sweetener that does not let bacteria to feed on leaving your mouth fresh. Bad breath can also be caused due to various health problems that cannot be fixed unless you take proper medication.
  3. Go for smile up-gradation: If your teeth are discoloured and yellow it’s time to get them fixed. There is nothing better than a bright smile to impress your date. There are many teeth whitening procedures available these days that can be utilized to get back the natural colour of your teeth. Not only it is safe for your teeth but also provides you with results quickly. Apart from this, you can keep your teeth whitening kits at home for a quick fix for any occasion.
  4. Drink plenty of water: It is a good habit that not only hydrates your body but also removes all the bacteria from your mouth, keeping it fresh. It promotes oxygen containing saliva that diminishes the growth of bacteria. However, do not try to substitute it with sugary drinks. Carbonated drinks, iced tea contain citric acid that will erode the enamel making it vulnerable to damage and decay. This Valentine’s Day pair up with H2O as the beverage for you and your loved one.

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This Valentine’s Day don’t just dress well to impress your date but charm them with a brighter and straighter smile. These days most of the clinics are present online, either they have their own website or are listed in famous sites. If you are in need of any kind of information you can visit about our specialist dentist.