4 Ways Your Dental Health is affected with Missing Tooth

You may think that losing 2/3 teeth is no big deal out of the 32 that you have. A lot of people think that way. A dentist in London associated with the Dulwich Dental Office says that even a single tooth loss triggers a major concern for any individual. Ignoring replacement of the lost tooth is likely to have severe adverse effects on the general oral health of the individual.

Adult teeth are expected to last for the rest of your life. But those teeth do fall out because of various reasons including the following:

  • Advanced periodontal disease.
  • Severe tooth decay.
  • Facial injuries.

Dental implants are the best solution to tooth or teeth loss problem. Losing a tooth or teeth usually leads to two problems – individuals face difficulty in properly chewing foods and of course, aesthetic or cosmetic issues.  But these are only the problems that show up at the surface and are comparatively easier to solve. Potentially more serious oral health problems remain hidden behind those issues. But, what are those more serious problems? Let us explore that in the following paragraphs.

Higher chances of developing an infection in the mouth

“When you have a missing teeth or tooth, you are at a greater chance of developing an infection in your oral cavity,” says Dr Sia Mirfendereski – the experienced dentist at the Dulwich Dental Office. This type of oral infection easily gets spread to other areas of the body if ignored and left untreated.

Density of the jawbone gets diminished

The teeth contribute heavily in securing the quality of the jawbone. A missing tooth creates a gap along the jaw line. As a result, the density of the jawbone may shrink. When the jawbone density shrinks substantially, you have chances of suffering from receding gums. Thus, you not only appear older than your actual age but there are also greater chances of more of your teeth falling out. Cosmetic dentures are traditionally been used to fill up the gap left by missing tooth or teeth. But it hardly contributes to stem the problem of diminishing your jawbone density.

Remaining teeth may get misaligned

The open space created by missing tooth or teeth often creates another problem. The neighbouring teeth try filling up that space. This issue is known to create severe misalignment of the remaining teeth.

Flourishing of harmful bacteria in the mouth

The problem of missing tooth or teeth increases the chances of harmful bacteria flourishing in the mouth.

Thankfully a range of solutions exist to take care of the missing tooth or teeth issue ranging from conventional dentures and bridges to dental implants.

  • Dentures are specially designed devices that are fixed to your mouth using customised fittings. Dentures can either be made of metals or acrylic depending on your choice. You may also choose between a full and a partial denture depending on your requirement.
  • Bridges are nothing but filler teeth and are mounted on the adjacent teeth on both sides of a gap.
  • Teeth implants are both aesthetically and functionally at par to your natural teeth. They also offer life-long solution to the missing teeth problem.

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