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Implanted teeth are replacement teeth that function like natural teeth by properly fitting into the base of your jaw where an old tooth used to be. They allow you to eat and function normally, while looking like natural teeth.

Dental implants aren’t suitable for everyone. Patients that have gum disease, or have a history of bad oral hygiene will need to be treated first, and have a healthy mouth before proceeding.

The implants provided by Dulwich Dental Office (DDO) in London, have the potential to last a lifetime. When you lose a tooth or teeth, you could experience loss of facial structure or bone loss, but implants prevent this. The best thing, is the result. You are able to smile again with confidence.

Once implants have been placed, oral hygiene will need to be kept to a strict standard. Your dentist will discuss everything with you so you have all the correct information to take away with you.

Once implants have been placed, oral hygiene will need to be kept to a strict standard. Your dentist will discuss everything with you so you have all the correct information to take away with you.

During your first consultation, we will take an x-ray to see the space we are working with, and the quality of your jaw bone, we can then determine the best solution for you. Titanium posts will replace the roots of your missing teeth. These posts fuse to your jaw bones in a process called osseointegration and support natural-looking tooth implants.

Once the dental implants are placed, they look and feel just like real teeth. At our Dulwich Dental Office practice in London, our skilled professionals place dental implants in a painless procedure.

Your dental implant journey consists of three stages: preparation, the surgery, and the final fit of your dental implant abutment/restoration. In addition, as with typical endodontic appointments and routine dental care, you’ll have to adhere to the care instructions for your dental implants. Our dental implant surgeon will have an extensive consultation to determine the best course of action for your implant. Trauma, tooth decay, and/or smoking will all affect how we treat your tooth implant.

To achieve amazing results offered by implants takes intelligent planning. We will take a CT scan of your teeth and jaw. These three-dimensional images will permit us to examine whether your jawbone will provide the needed stability to hold an implant and allow us to find the ideal place to position it. A conventional dental implant will exert considerable pressure on the jaw, so we will likely perform a bone graft before the process. This will strengthen the bone and provide increased density. There are lots of other options however, so we may discuss them as well. The best part about the Dental Implant surgery is that you’ll be put under anaesthetic, and you won’t feel any pain.

Our dental implant surgeons in London will work with you to ensure your procedure is as painless and least-invasive as possible. You will receive specific instructions, a cost estimate, and then a suitable date for the procedure will be arranged.

Our staff will be ready for you on the day of your implant surgery, having set up a fully sterile surgical environment. Our specialist staff are highly trained to guarantee that every part of the environment is sterile.

We may supply antibiotics and preventive pain medication as necessary, to protect you before the procedure. We will personally take care of your surgery, first reviewing the treatment plan to make sure that everything is in order, then anaesthetising the area to be treated. A tiny incision is made, and the soft tissue is retracted to reveal the ridge of the bone. We would have planned the exact placement of the dental implant and will position it directly, with the assistance of a surgical guide which is commonly used by dentists prior to the procedure for implant placement.

After we accomplish the stability of the implant, soft tissue closure will be done using various techniques so that closure is tension-free. In some cases, soft tissue grafting may be done where there is a shortage of soft tissue for closure or where it would be of aesthetic benefit.

After your surgery, a radiograph might be taken to confirm your implant’s final placement, and you’ll be discharged. After a couple of months, the bone surrounding the implant penetrates forward, and additional stability is achieved. After the completion of your treatment, we will add a beautiful restoration on top of your implant.

In some procedures known as ‘Teeth in a Day’, or ‘All on 6 implants’, we may add the restoration immediately following placing your implant.

If your dental implants are part of a more extensive reconstruction, we can check that your bite has not been modified. The main stages of your dental implant procedure are now complete so you can look forward to the most advanced and natural replacement of missing teeth to date.

If you would like to know more about dental implants or any other dental treatment in London, contact the Dulwich Dental Office today.

We are specialists in Dental Implants in Dulwich and across South London, Dr Javier Perez is the Lead Dental Implantology clinician at 3 practices undertaking both simple and complex dental implantology cases to replace anything from 1 missing tooth to a full arch reconstruction. Using the most advance techniques available to date we are proud that our implantology team has completed over 5000 Dental Implant Placements and has over 30 years combined experience. Our cosmetic dentistry specialists in Dulwich combine pioneering technology and a multidisciplinary clinical approach in every case, from your initial consultation to your surgery and maintenance. We provide cosmetic dentistry treatments including dental implants in Dulwich, Brixton, Crystal Palace, Camberwell, Herne Hill, Honor Oak, Orpington,  Peckham, Streatham, Upper Sydenham and across South London.

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Dr Javier Perez

Dental Implant and Oral Surgeon
Lic Odont, PG Cert (Implant), MClinDent (Implant), Dip Oral Surg RCS (Eng), PG Cert Cons Sed
GDC No: 225487
Special interest in Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

Dr Javier Perez graduated in dental surgery in 2010.

His clinical practice is focused on dental implants and oral surgery, from simple single tooth replacements to complex reconstructions involving both soft and hard tissues.

Dr Javier has completed a Masters in Implant Dentistry MClinDent (Implant) in London over three years and was awarded a diploma in Oral Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, one of the most prestigious colleges in UK.
Dr Perez has trained in Oral Surgery at the Maxillofacial Unit in the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in South England. He is at the forefront of dental implants and oral surgery regularly attending National and International conferences to develop his skills and learn about the latest trends in Implantology.

At Dulwich Dental our implant team have placed over 5000 implants, often undertaking and being referred cases from other practioners. We also consult and treat cases where you may have been told that you are unsuitable for dental implants. Having assembled one of the countries leading dental implant teams we can treat the most advanced and complex cases here at Dulwich Dental Office.

Outside of work Dr Javier spends the majority of his time with his young family, recently welcoming a new son (October, 2021). He enjoys spending weekends exploring London, especially going to local food markets.


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Our implant surgical team have placed over 5000 dental implants over 30 years, and regularly hold muiti-disciplinary meetings to plan implant treatment cases together. Taking experience from national and international leaders, we have one of the leading implant teams, where no case is too complex. From single tooth implants, to full arch reconstruction, and cases which have been referred to us from other clinics, here at Dulwich Dental Office we are confident in finding a solution for you.
We know it can be daunting going to the dentist, that’s why we spend time getting to know our patients and personalise your care accordingly. We have caring and experienced Treatment Coordinators who will guide you through the treatment process step by step ensuring you are comfortable with every aspect.
We have a wide range of affordable treatments that are designed to meet every persons individual lifestyle and budget requirements. Be it a single implant, an implant retained denture, or a full mouth reconstruction, we will be able to find a solution that meets your personal needs.
We offer free no-obligation consultations to every patient. This allows you to explore your options and receive personalised advice. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you’d like before considering all the information and advice in your own time.
We were one of the first dental clinics in the region to install CT scanners often found in hospitals and digital impression scanners, to allow us to reconstruct your jaws digitally in three Dimensions, for greater accuracy of treatment planning. Before we start any treatment, the end results is firmly in mind, and we can often share this with you, showing you the exact implant placement areas, to maximise the success of your implant surgery.
We have a number of different payment options that are designed to suit every persons individual needs. Our aim is to ensure that paying for your treatment is as stress free as the treatment itself. So all of our plans are designed to take the worry out of payment.

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The Dentist, Hygienist, Dental Nurses & Especially the Receptionist staff are very Polite, Friendly & most importantly they try to fit you in quickly in the event of an emergency. Recently I couldn’t get the time of work for an emergency appointment for my 81 year old Mum so I called an Uber for her & told the receptionist this. The young Black Lady called me when she ordered & place my Mother in a cab – so she went above & beyond her duties with a lot of Customer Care & Respect for my Mother- Thank You so much

Zehra M.

Friendly staff and a very good turn around for appointments , next step to meet the hygienist if he’s as lovely as the rest of the staff it will be great

Wendy D.

Had a tooth out which is never fun, but he was great, never even needed pain killers afterwards

Vince A.

Great service! Im usually so nervous when coming in to the dentist but my dentist was so pleasant and polite ! Dulwich Dental Office will definitely be my dentist for life

Tomike O.

I lost my two front teeth whilst at school and had complications for years. Unfortunately I ended up needing an implant – which I had been avoiding! I wish I had done it sooner. Dr Patel was fantastic and guided me through each stage. He was always contactable to answer any queries or concerns. Very happy with the end result and would reccomend.

Tom O.

Registered and seen on the NHS within 2 weeks – amazing. Really friendly staff, would definitely recommend

Tom C.

I have recently finished an invisalign program with Pooja at dulwich dental office and couldn’t be happier. The treatment was easy and pain free and the results are great. Pooja’s experience and friendliness made me feel at ease throughout. I would 100% recommend for anyone considering similar treatment.

Toby B.

A great surgery; Dr Cavan in particular spent time with me to make sure my new night guards fitted well and were up to the job

Dentist Pooja Pillay is excellent and was very patient with me as I I took a long time (years!) deciding whether or not to take the plunge and have Invisalign to straighten my teeth. It didn’t take too long and was easier than I thought it would be. Pooja kept a close eye on how it was all progressing and we even went a bit longer with it just to really perfect the result. I’m delighted with the outcome. Everything was included in the price, even the extra aligners and appointments when we decided to go on a bit longer. All staff at the practice have been excellent. Highly recommend.

Susie F.

I had my Invisaligns done by Dr Pillay and she really took the time to make sure my teeth are lovely and straight. She has always been available with any queries or follow up treatment I needed – and made me feel well looked after from the beginning and end of the treatment. I really recommend seeing her if you want to get Invisaligns done.

Stella C.

Dr. Cavan is super attentive and thoughtful and great at putting is patients at ease. I hate going to the dentist but havent dreaded it once. Everyone is super friendly and clinic is nice. I could not recommend more.

I am undergoing a course of Invisalign treatment with Dulwich Dental Office and I am so pleased with the results, even at this early stage. It is great that I can take the braces out to eat and clean my teeth. I am looking forward to the end result.

Sienna M.




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