Wisdom teeth and dental extractions

Commonly the wisdom teeth, in an attempt to erupt, will be prevented in doing so by the teeth in front. As such, the wisdom teeth will remain partially or completely below the line of the gum (also called impaction).
This can lead to an infection around the wisdom tooth or lead problems with adjacent teeth.
We offer wisdom teeth extractions that are carried out by our expert dental surgeons.
We also have a three dimensional ct scanner often found in hopsitals, to reconstruct your jaws in digital three dimension which enables us to carry out comprehensive diagnostics prior to any teeth extractions.
Sedation is offered for teeth extractions if required.
There are specific guidelines for the removal of these impacted wisdom teeth which we will advice you, and we follow guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.
The procedure may require the gum around the tooth to be lifted back and the bone around the tooth to be selectively removed to allow the wisdom tooth to be removed. We have specialist technology such as the piezotome to ensure a minimal intervention procedure.

A wisdom tooth, also called third molar is one of the three molars of human dentition. They usually start to come through the back of our gum and at each corner of jaw towards the late teens and early twenties. Adults mostly have 4 wisdom teeth which mean one in each of the four quadrants, however they can have fewer or more. These extra teeth are known as supernumerary teeth. Wisdom teeth is said to affect other teeth when they grow and become impacted. They are usually extracted by wisdom teeth removal procedure when or even before this occur.

Wisdom Tooth Pain and Complications

The lack of room in the human jaw can result in either emergence of these teeth from an angle or below neighbouring teeth; or only partial mergence. In either case, these abnormal emergences are termed “impacted”, and are characterized by wisdom tooth pain, which is the typical pain at the back of our jaws when wisdom teeth come out.

Impacted wisdom teeth can trap food and bacteria, initiating a build-up of plaque, which in return results in further dental complications such as gum disease and tooth decay. However, removal of some impacted wisdom teeth are not advised, as some impacted teeth tend not to cause other dental problems. Nevertheless, some clients tend to go ahead with the procedure of extraction of their impacted wisdom teeth, as in modern days they are not of great benefit, and taking the removal cost to consideration, it is the option many have chosen to protect their smiles.

Signs and symptoms of oral infection caused by a wisdom tooth include:

  • Red & itchy gum near the wisdom tooth
  • Swelling
  • Feeling Pain
  • Pus coming from the gum
  • Lymph glands under the jaw become swollen and sore
  • Feel the difficulties to open the mouth
  • Suffering from Fever

Wisdom teeth do not have to be removed in case they are impacted but not creating any problem. This is mainly due to the fact that they carry severe complications.
Sometimes, wisdom teeth which get impacted or have not broken completely may lead to serious oral problems. Both food particles and bacteria may get trapped in your wisdom teeth, causing build-up plaque that can be the reason for:

  • Tooth Decay – This mainly occurs when the plaque breaks down on the surface of your tooth. When tooth decay or dental carries becomes advanced, it leaves cavities in the tooth which may affect your surrounding teeth.
  • Gum Disease (Periodontal disease or gingivitis) – This takes place when plaque releases toxins that cause irritation in the gums causing them to turn red, painful and swollen. Gum disease may even affect surrounding teeth and bone around your wisdom teeth.
  • Pericoronitis – When plaque causes infection of the soft tissue that surrounds your tooth.
  • Cellulitis – a bacterial infection that occurs in the tongue, cheek or throat.
  • Dental Abscess – When pus collects in your surrounding tissue or wisdom teeth due to bacterial infection.
  • Cysts and Benign Growths – Wisdom tooth that has not been cut through the gum and develops a cyst or a fluid-filled swelling.

You can treat most of these problems by taking antibiotics and mouthwash. Thus, it is only recommended to remove your wisdom teeth when other treatments do not work out.

Your dental surgeon may remove your wisdom teeth or refer you to a specialist for further treatment.
Before the treatment begins, you will be given local anaesthetic injection to make the area insensitive around the tooth. You might feel some pressure before the tooth is being removed. The oral surgeon has to widen tooth socket by rocking both back and forth.
In certain cases a cut might be required in the gum and your tooth may be cut into small pieces before it gets removed.
The time required to remove the tooth will vary from person to person. Some procedures take only a few minutes, whereas others may require 20 minutes or more.

Local anaesthetic injections are normally given to clients to numb the area, to make the extraction procedure completely painless. The only feeling you will have is the slight pressure upon removal of your tooth. Sometimes your dentist might think it is necessary to cut your gum, and cut your tooth into smaller pieces in ensure that you are not feeling any discomfort throughout the procedure. The procedure is performed by our expert and experienced dentist who reduce the chances of acquiring infections to minimum.

After your wisdom tooth is removed, there might be some complications which include:

  • Swelling or inflammation of your cheeks and mouth
  • severe bleeding
  • dry socket in which blood clot does not form into the tooth socket or if blood clot gets dislodged
  • nerve injury that may be the reason for temporary or permanent problems like numbness and pain
  • infection which shows signs of white discharge from extraction, high temperature and constant pain and swelling

Generally it’s taken three to four days, although it can be as long as two weeks. The lenth of recovery time for wisdom teeth removal depends a lot on how badly they were impacted and erupting.

  • To prevent swelling and skin colour changes use an ice pack
  • Exercise your jaw by slowly closing and opening your mouth
  • Keep hydrated
  • Start brushing your teeth after one day, unless advised otherwise
  • Only use the painkillers prescribed/advised by your doctor
  • Eating hard or sticky food
  • Drinking fizzy drinks as much as possible
  • Do not use a straw to drink, as it may loosen your blood clots for the first 48 hours
  • Smoking as much as possible
  • Vigorous rinsing of your mouth for the first 24 hours

Wisdom tooth extraction cost may vary depending on the extent of the procedure. Generally, a non-surgical removal procedure could cost anywhere from £150 to £350. The mentioned price range only covers the teeth removal procedure and does not include any fees related to X-rays or oral surgeries.

Typically, the cost of extracting a wisdom tooth depends on the following factors:

  • The complexity and extent of the extraction procedure (e.g. impacted tooth)
  • The type of the procedure (surgical or non-surgical)

The exact wisdom tooth removal cost will be discussed during the consultation session in which the dentist examines the situation and decides which procedure is suitable to conduct the extraction process in the safest possible manner.

Our Wisdom Tooth Surgeon


Dr Sanjay Patel

Dr Sanjay Patel vision is to give the patient an exceptional level of care and experience whether it is routine, cosmetic, or implant based dentistry, using his vast experience gained from working Nationally throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. He undertakes the full spectrum of treatments from general dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry, dental implantology, and invisible braces.

He is the Lead Dental Implantology clinician at 3 practices undertaking both simple and complex dental implantology cases to replace anything from 1 missing tooth to a full arch reconstruction. Using the most advance techniques available to date we are proud that our implantology team has completed over 5000 Dental Implant Placements and has over 30 years combined experience. Dr Sanjay Patel has trained with some of the world’s leading implant surgeon’s and brings experience from across the globe to the clinic.

Dr Sanjay Patel has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry including smile makeovers, invisible orthodontics, replacing missing gaps, and endodontic treatment and re-treatment. He continues to remain at the forefront of modern dentistry undertaking regular national and international training in all aspects.

Outside of dentistry he is happily married and is keen on keeping fit and travelling.


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