5 Foods to Eat After Removing Your Wisdom Teeth

Most people get their wisdom teeth removed at some point  in their life. Are you facing this common problem and want to get your wisdom teeth removed? If yes, then make sure you are aware of what to eat for post-surgery that can help you in the smooth recovery. Check out 6 delicious and tasty treats that can help you ease the recovery process after the wisdom teeth surgery.

  • Apple sauce – The smooth texture makes it a great food to eat after your wisdom tooth extraction. It has lots of Vitamin C and dietary fibre that are an important part of a healthy and nutritious diet. Eating this kind of rich snack requires minimal jaw movement that can prevent discomfort and help in the healing process. You may prepare an apple sauce at home by using fresh ingredients and reduce the intake of sugar.
  • Ice cream – Eating your favourite flavour ice-cream is a good treat after your wisdom teeth extraction. Make sure you take soft-serve for the first few days immediately after the surgery as it requires less effort to eat them. This cooling confection will not only soothe inflamed tissue but also aid in quick healing procedure.
  • Mashed potatoes – These have lots of fibre in them and are good to eat after wisdom teeth removal. All you have to do is whip potatoes for smooth consistency and you will prepare a mouth-watering dish. Creamy mashed potatoes can be eaten easily and topped with extras such as butter, sour cream and gravy for more variation in the post-operative diet. Make sure you choose the right food to eat after wisdom teeth recovery to get rid of the uneasiness caused during extraction.
  • Yoghurt – The light consistency makes it a good choice for patients who are recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. Try not to take yoghurts with any additional ingredients or granola that need to be chewed. Taste a creamy light flavour like strawberry or lemon to enjoy some nutrients thus, making it a suitable medication for discomfort or pain.
  • Milkshakes – Milkshakes or smoothies have nutrients and proteins in them that prepare a delicious snack for post-operative patients. If you want to enjoy the nutritional benefits, supplement the shakes and smoothies with protein powder or a meal replacement packet. You can add fresh fruits like bananas to the smoothie which will make it nutritious and healthy. Add together ice cream, milk and additional supplements or protein powder when preparing your milkshake.

At Dulwich Dental Office, you can book a private dentist in East Dulwich to get advice on the food items that can be eaten after getting your wisdom teeth extracted. Thus, you can prevent the pain and discomfort that occur after the surgery is done.

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