Best Options to Straighten Your Teeth without Braces

Modern teeth straightening offers excellent results to both adults and teenagers. Yet, many adults skip the chance of straightening their teeth and improving their smile because they want to avoid the adult braces necessary in the treatment. Experts from a renowned orthodontic clinic in London say that if you think teeth straightening  is impossible without braces, then you should better think again.

Modern dentistry has improved a lot to facilitate teeth straightening without braces. So, if you want to straighten your teeth, you won’t have to look like a middle school student all over again. This is applicable both in cases of adults and teenagers. Read on to know more about this cutting-edge technology.

Teeth straightening without braces

Modern orthodontic dentistry offers a number of teeth straightening treatment alternatives that don’t involve braces. These options include:

  • Appliances: A large number of malocclusion cases result from imperfections in the jaws. Taking this into view, the devices are categorically designed to correct jaw imperfections. Treatment procedures involving oral appliances are time-consuming and you’ve to have a lot of patience to get the desired results.
  • Retainers: Different types of retainers are available for teeth straightening treatment. Out of all these varieties, Hawley retainers are one of the most widely used across the world of modern orthodontic dentistry. These can be easily customised and made up of a combination of acrylic and metal wires. Although the retainers will remain prominent in your mouth but you can temporarily remove them while eating or brushing.
  • Invisalign: In contrast to the alternatives discussed above, Invisalign treatment uses the latest technology to facilitate teeth straightening. It uses transparent plastic retainers to solve your problem. As a result, anyone hardly gets to know that you’re undergoing the orthodontic therapy to straighten your misaligned and crooked teeth. Thus, this treatment alternative is also called invisible teeth straightening method. Apart from the clear retainers, you also need to wear custom-made aligners to facilitate the desired result, while undergoing the Invisalign treatment. These aligners are easily removable and they contribute a lot to ensure treatment success.

The Advantage of Invisalign:

Appliances and retainers are highly reliable to help you achieve the desired results. But, these alternatives also make your treatment prominent. On the other hand, Invisalign therapy is a thoroughly discreet procedure and adults find it more comfortable.

The treatment starts with your orthodontic expert taking a mold of your teeth. The aligners are then crafted to fit your mouth, based on the mould. It’s crucial to wear the removable aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. You can only remove them for the time that takes to brush the teeth and finish a meal. As your treatment progresses, you need to switch over to the next aligner every every two weeks. You’ll also need to visit your orthodontic expert at certain intervals to ensure the Invisalign treatment is going smoothly and the right way. The results will start showing up just within a few months. On an average, the treatment duration is 12 months. After the treatment gets over, you may have to slip on retainers at night to make sure the straightened teeth don’t sink back to their initial position.

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