How to Deal with Severe Toothache at Night

If you are suffering from a toothache, then chances are it will affect your way of sleeping. Though you might not be able to overcome it completely, some home remedies can help to get rid of the pain and discomfort. In case things become worse, you may see a 24 hour emergency dentist in London and get rid of the toothache quickly and effectively .

How to get rid of toothache at night

  • Use over-the-counter pain medication Certain medications such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and aspirin can help to ease minor pain caused by a toothache. Various numbing gels or pastes are used together with benzocaine that can reduce the pain so that you can sleep properly until you next see a dentist for the dental problem.
  • Keep your head elevated – Keeping your head higher than the body helps the flow of blood properly. If the blood accumulates in the head, then this might lead to severe toothache.
  • Avoid eating acidic and hard or cold foods – If you eat these foods, then they can make the teeth worse and cavities are likely to start forming on your teeth. Try to avoid foods that may cause severe pain.
  • Rinse teeth with mouthwash – Try to use a mouthwash containing alcohol to both disinfect and numb the teeth.
  • Use an ice pack before going to bed – Wrap an ice pack in a piece of cloth and cover the painful side of the face. This can help you to get rid of the pain.

Natural remedies for toothache

  • guava leaves
  • mango bark
  • clove
  • sweet potato leaves
  • pear seed and bark
  • tobacco leaves
  • garlic
  • sunflower leaves

Causes of toothache

  • Jaw or mouth injury – These usually take place due to force trauma in the facial area.
  • Sinus infection – The drainage from sinus infections may lead to severe toothache.
  • Tooth decay – When bacteria causes tooth decay, the nerves in the teeth might be exposed, thus causing extreme pain.
  • Losing a filling – If you lose a filling, then the nerve inside your tooth may get exposed.
  • Infected or abscessed tooth – Also known as a dental abscess, the condition has been described as a pocket of pus in your tooth.
  • Food or other debris in the teeth – Both organic and inorganic matter present in the teeth may cause extreme pressure and even damage them.
  • Wisdom teeth crowning or teething – If wisdom teeth are appearing or breaking through the gums, then they might be pressing against other teeth.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders – TMJ has been classified as pain in the jaw joint, however they can also affect the teeth.
  • Gum disease – Gum diseases such as periodontal disease or gingivitis may cause severe pain in the tooth.
  • Teeth grinding – You may clench or grind your teeth at night which can cause additional pain.

When to see a dentist
It is important to schedule your dental appointment if:

  • The tooth pain is severe.
  • The toothache lasts for more than two days.
  • You have headache, fever or pain at the time of opening your mouth.
  • You have trouble during swallowing or breathing.

Talk to your dentist at Dulwich Dental Office if your toothache lasts more than two days or causes you severe discomfort.

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