Missing Teeth : Causes, Problems and Treatment Options

Missing teeth is a very common issue that will affect everyone at some point in life. Loss of teeth can bring be of discomforting to those affected depending on the number of teeth missing and other factors, like the position of the tooth. That is why some with lesser amount of discomfort or non-visibly missing teeth choose to neglect the problem all together.

Causes of missing permanent teeth

Before discussing the complications of missing teeth, let us first talk about what causes missing permanent teeth in adults.

  • Periodontal or gum disease: Gum inflammation and infection is the most prevailing cause of missing teeth in adults.
  • Physical trauma: Sportspersons are at high risk of physical injury to their incisors which can ultimately lead to tooth loss.
  • Decayed tooth: Untreated cavities that lead to tooth decay are a major cause of lost or missing tooth.
  • Congenital missing teeth: At times, some specific teeth like wisdom tooth, premolars or incisors are not positioned correctly. This can be a reason of isolation or medical problem.
  • Medical Conditions: Ectodermal dysplasia and a person’s genes can be reasons behind missing teeth.

Problems of missing teeth

With missing teeth you can face various problems in your daily life. Read on to know the consequences of not fixing a lost tooth.

  • Your jaws might not come together properly on biting, leading to chewing problems.
  • Facial muscle pain as a result of the improper bite.
  • The teeth gaps might increase.
  • You may suffer from speech problems.
  • The top tooth might set down as opposition to the empty space of the lost tooth (Supra-eruption).
  • Plaque and food accumulation in the teeth gaps result in more cavities, decay and periodontal infection.
  • The neighbouring teeth might tilt in direction of the missing tooth resulting in difficulty while cleaning.
  • You may experience lack of confidence due to the sudden change in your appearance and smile.

Missing teeth treatment options

There are various teeth replacement procedures in dentistry to help you get back your lost smile and appearance. Some of the popular treatment options for a missing tooth are:

  • Cosmetic Dentures: Dentures are of two types – partial or complete cosmetic dentures. As they are removable and might move, it is the least considered treatment for lost tooth replacement. However, for some patients who are have financial concerns, this is the only suitable option.
  • Fixed Bridges: It is a treatment that involves fixing of a dental bridge to restore teeth gaps with help of the neighbouring teeth using them as anchors. These bridges cannot be removed by the patients as they are firmly fixed by the dentist with cement. Bridges can be made of various materials such as metal ceramics, white metal and metal free ceramics. They can be customised for you keeping the natural contour intact and maintaining your normal bite.
  • Dental Implants: It is the latest and proven technique of tooth replacement. It gives you a natural look with your bite, smile and appearance maintained. The process involves fixing of an artificial tooth having base of a metal tooth implant acting as the artificial root.

Preventing a problem or disease is the best way to protect your oral health and hygiene. It is recommended to follow good dental habits to avoid any serious tooth problems. For further information on the latest treatments available visit here, contact us or book online.

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