5 Reasons for You Selecting Professional Teeth Whitening

Your looks and smile contribute a lot when it comes to making a great positive impression about yourself. Considering this fact, the craze for professional teeth whitening treatment is steadily growing across the country, says a renowned cosmetic dentistry expert in London. The dentist is associated with the Dulwich Dental Office, located at East Dulwich which caters to both NHS and private patients.

There is literally an infinite range of commercially manufactured items available over the counter at your local chemist shop or supermarket to help whiten your teeth. Some of these products also deliver impressive result.

But you cannot compare the result of these products to the in-office teeth whitening treatments that have evolved over the last couple of years. Items included in the in-office treatment kits are completely free of any health risks and often prove to be a life-enhancing experience that makes a positive impact on both your aesthetic appeal and mental health.

The benefits of in-office teeth whitening treatments are many and include the following:

  • All-encompassing teeth whitening
    Teeth whitening kits available over the counter are available in a fixed strength to cater to everyone’s needs. But in reality, every teeth whitening patient has individual needs and goals. The generic whitening products – like strips, trays and gels may work great for one and deliver disastrous results for another.They may also give you an uneven whitening effect. That is because some of your teeth may be perfectly whitened while the rest may still show those unsightly stains and dark shades. Such disappointing results do not occur with in-office teeth whitening procedures. Qualified dentists will be supervising the in-office teeth whitening treatment as they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure your teeth are evenly whitened to the level of your expectation without causing any damage to your mouth or oral health.
  • Better aesthetic appearance
    You may have beautifully aligned and straight teeth along with a warm, magnetic smile. But that do not guarantee lifetime immunity to your teeth from the daily assaults they face. Popular beverages like coffee, tea, red wine and even sodas stain the teeth like nothing else. Avoid these drinks as much as you can to retain the natural whiteness of your teeth.
  • Protecting the gums and the teeth
    Certain teeth whitening products are too powerful for you and may damage your teeth as well as the gum tissues. As a result, you will be at a higher risk of developing caries in the teeth and periodontal disease. Apart from that, there can be other oral problems too including teeth and gum sensitivity. There is no need putting your oral health at unnecessary risk. Rather, consult a dentist about professional teeth whitening treatments. A whiter and brighter smile is assured to boost your self-confidence further which will easily reflect in your appearance and mannerisms.
  • Longer-lasting and faster results in hand
    The dentist selects whitening agents that are more effective for your teeth. You may or may not get these products through over-the-counter purchases. Teeth whitening treatment, when received through skilled and professional hands, provide much quicker results. In fact, the stunning difference in your smile will be noticeable just after the first session.On the other hand, the whitening products purchased over the counter need to be applied repeatedly over a period of time before the results are obtained. You’ve to be patient while using the generic products readily available in the market.
  • Reasonable cost involved
    Professional teeth whitening treatments contribute heavily in improving your aesthetic appearance but unlike plastic surgery, they are not too costly to burn a hole in your pocket. This is one of the best things that bring a lot of people to this cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry treatment.

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