Stress and Your Teeth

We all now that stress can have a bad effect on our blood pressure and sleep patterns but did you now that stress can make a negative impact on your oral health too?

Stress May Contribute to Teeth Grinding

If you visit your dentist regularly you may know the word Bruxism the technical term for jaw clenching and teeth grinding. For some, grinding and clenching is their response to frustration and stress that they face in daily life. Grinding teeth is most common during sleep so quite often people don’t even know that they do it.

Stress Can make TMD worse

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a condition that will affect the joint of the jaw and the muscles that move the neck and the jaw. As it does in bruxism, stress is thought to contribute to TMD, causing joint pain, headaches, jaw clenching as well as clicking of the jaw.

Your Immune System Is Weakened During Times of Stress

As well as a commitment to solve oral hygiene by expert dentist it is worth discussing any stress you have with him or her as it can actually compromise your immune system and that in turn will raise your risk of developing oral infections. Some people will suffer from having a dry mouth and that lack of saliva will put them at higher risk of cavities. Obviously it is important to prevent oral cavities and another thing to watch for is canker sores that can develop when you are stressed. Stress can also lead to an increased chance of developing gum disease.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene and Health, Even During Difficult Times

Keeping up your oral health routine is always important but even more so if you are having a stressful time of it.  Make sure that you continue to do your best to keep up with your brushing and flossing so that you have the best chance of protecting your mouth and teeth from decay and infection.

For most of us, we will not even be aware of the effect that stress is having on us until something happens. That is why visiting your dentist on a regular basis is so important because if you do, your dentist will be able to flag up any stress related problems that might be developing, even before you are aware of them.

We Want To Make Your Life Easier

It can be really difficult to deal with stress and a busy life and when you are suffering from stress the last thing that you want is for your health to break down and leave you with extra problems.  We hope that you will lean on us not only at times of stress but also on a regular basis so that we can flag up any problems early and keep your mouth and teeth in ship shape condition. Keeping you happy and healthy is our aim! To book an appointment with our expert dentist, please log on to

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