The Perfect Time to Call an Emergency Dentist

We see our fair share of patients who need emergency dental care.  Since we can all get toothache from time to time we thought it would help to give a rough guide of when it is time to call for an emergency dental help.
Some people call their dentist at the first twinge or sign of trouble. They are aware that dental issues can escalate quickly and want to nip any trouble in the bud.
Other people wait a few days hoping that the problem will resolve and it is true that some small problems will resolve if they are left for a few days.  Sometimes, however, the problem will just get worse. At this stage you have to ask yourself, Why would I take a chance with my health?
The best advice would be: If in doubt, check it out.
If the problem turns out to be nothing serious that will be good news.  If the problem does turn out to be a potential threat, then you gave your self the best chance by seeking help early.

When should I call for an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Pain, trauma and anything out of the ordinary with your gums or teeth are a red flag and should send you full speed ahead for emergency dental appointment. Dulwich Dental Office have appointments set aside for emergencies.
Act Fast
A fast response is always going to be the best approach. Ring us and we will either fit you in or see you after hours for an emergency.
Two Good Reasons to Make that Call
The first reason is that in general dental problems will be progressive in nature that means that things will get worse if you do nothing. Unlike cuts and bruises small cavities in your teeth won’t heal spontaneously and disappear. They just become big cavities.

We have seen too many situations where small dental issues were ignored and soon became significant problems. The second reason you should call is to avoid pain. Dental pain can be very nasty and a sleepless night with a miserable toothache is no-ones idea of fun.

So don’t wait for the pain to hit you before you make a call for an appointment to the private emergency dentist in London. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can’t be anything serious because its not hurting like mad!

Need dental advice or treatment?

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