Your Wisdom Teeth can Cause Headache and Neck Pain

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that grow over young adulthood and are often painful and troublesome. As the teeth do not develop till you reach 17 to 24 years, they may not have sufficient space to grow properly, causing discomfort to the other teeth. This means wisdom teeth may partially come through in your mouth or in certain cases, may not emerge at all.

Wisdom teeth are the source of severe pain and ache. Getting them removed is often the best option to lessen the discomfort. What has recently been studied is that they can affect other regions of your body, causing neck pain and headaches.

How can wisdom teeth be the reason for headache and neck pain?

Once wisdom teeth begin to slowly develop, they may have significant as well as painful effects on your body. This can spread from the gums into the jawbone and then across other parts of your body. Talk to your dental surgeon if you want to get quick relief from wisdom teeth pain.

How do wisdom teeth cause severe pain and discomfort?

Headaches occur due to irregular pressure and tension in the jaws. As wisdom teeth start to grow, they may cause other teeth to shift to create space for them. Sometimes this may lead to “gum pouch”, as called by the dentist. This is actually a small and painful pouch which occurs due to infection caused by wisdom tooth that emerges.

Your bite and jaw position will be changed forcefully in order to avoid the pain. While adjusting the position of jawbone might save you from biting on the swollen gum pocket, you might be causing harm to them accidentally. By changing the bite pattern, you can actually shift the jaw joint into an unusual position.

The jaw joints may become painful and swollen, and may be pushed against ear muscles every time they are flexed. This unnatural pressure against ear muscles for bite pattern and shifted jaw position causes headache.

Increased tension in the jawbone may spread to the neck thus, causing neck pain. Thus, headaches and neck pain are the signs and symptoms that a wisdom tooth has been infected and should be removed.

What are the treatment options for wisdom teeth?

Different treatment options for wisdom tooth pain include – preventative treatment and permanent relief. You can prevent the arrival of wisdom teeth from getting infected by practicing proper dental hygiene. Tooth decay may be the reason for various painful symptoms due to wisdom teeth or bacteria and food trapped around your teeth.

Unluckily, the placement of wisdom teeth may make proper oral hygiene tough. As they emerge far back in the jaw, they are hard to clean. There is actually not much to be done for preventing pain from wisdom teeth. It is a natural process for growth and the pain is severe.
The most suitable treatment is to get them removed. Taking painkillers is a temporary solution for this serious problem. An impacted wisdom tooth might spread infection into the jawbone, when left untreated for a long time.

You may visit Dulwich Dental Office today if you are suffering from neck pain and headache. Our dental experts can help you know if wisdom teeth can be the cause for such problems.

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